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Problem on UART transmit

Discussion created by rui zhou on Apr 3, 2012
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I am writing a code to use UART to transmit a certain character and display it on the PC with the MC13213-SRB board. It is kind of a simple code, however what I got from the PC are just junky code that were unreadable. The following is a general description of my codes:


first of all, I defined the SCI port I will use to communicate:

#define  SCID       SCI2D#define  SCIS1_TDRE  SCI2S1_TDRE#define  SCIS1_TC    SCI2S1_TC      

 Then in the main loop, the codes are:

void main(void) { MCUInit(); for (;;){  while (!SCIS1_TDRE);         SCID = 'f';         while (!SCIS1_TC); }

 In the MCU initialization part I define the control register for SCI and for the CPU clock to figure out the baurdrate:

void MCUInit(void){  SOPT = 0x72;                /* Turn off the watchdog. */    SPMSC1 = 0x1C;                                        SPMSC2 = 0x00;                                        ICGC1 = 0x44;                                        ICGC2 = 0x00;                                        /* Common initialization of the CPU registers */  /* PTASE: PTASE7=0,PTASE6=0,PTASE5=0,PTASE4=0,PTASE3=0,PTASE2=0,PTASE1=0,PTASE0=0 */  PTASE = 0x00;                                        /* PTBSE: PTBSE7=0,PTBSE6=0,PTBSE5=0,PTBSE4=0,PTBSE3=0,PTBSE2=0,PTBSE1=0,PTBSE0=0 */  PTBSE = 0x00;                                        /* PTCSE: PTCSE7=0,PTCSE6=0,PTCSE5=0,PTCSE4=0,PTCSE3=0,PTCSE2=0,PTCSE1=0,PTCSE0=0 */  PTCSE = 0x00;                                        /* PTDSE: PTDSE7=0,PTDSE6=0,PTDSE5=0,PTDSE4=0,PTDSE3=0,PTDSE2=0,PTDSE1=0,PTDSE0=0 */  PTDSE = 0x00;                                        /* PTESE: PTESE7=0,PTESE6=0,PTESE5=0,PTESE4=0,PTESE3=0,PTESE2=0,PTESE1=0,PTESE0=0 */  PTESE = 0x00;                                        /* PTFSE: PTFSE7=0,PTFSE6=0,PTFSE5=0,PTFSE4=0,PTFSE3=0,PTFSE2=0,PTFSE1=0,PTFSE0=0 */  PTFSE = 0x00;                                        /* PTGSE: PTGSE7=0,PTGSE6=0,PTGSE5=0,PTGSE4=0,PTGSE3=0,PTGSE2=0,PTGSE1=0,PTGSE0=0 */  PTGSE = 0x00;           /* ### Init_SCI init code */         SCI2BDH = 0x00;      SCI2BDL = 0x35;      SCI2C1 = 0x00;                                            SCI2C2 = 0x28;                                            SCI2C3 = 0x00;                                            asm CLI;                             /* Enable interrupts */}

 So with those codes | should get character 'f' repeatly displayed on my PC. I try to tune the transmit buardrate in SCIBDL, However I still got the unreadable code on my PC. Is this because  the code: SCID='f'; is wrong or because of the wrong initialization?