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CW for MPC55xx and MPC56xx 2.10 license

Discussion created by matic kres on Apr 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by Joakim Plate

I am using code warrior 2.10 command line tools  and i have problem with license. i wrote a simple program in Winidea, and setup compiler but when i try to compile it i get this message:


C:\temp\share\timerInterrupt\common\main.c(1,1): License check failed: No such feature exists.
C:\temp\share\timerInterrupt\common\main.c(1,1): Feature:       Win32_Plugins_Link_PPC
C:\temp\share\timerInterrupt\common\main.c(1,1): License path:  C:\Program Files\Freescale\CW for MPC55xx and MPC56xx
C:\temp\share\timerInterrupt\common\main.c(1,1): 2.10\license.dat;
C:\temp\share\timerInterrupt\common\main.c(1,1): FLEXnet Licensing error:-5,357
C:\temp\share\timerInterrupt\common\main.c(1,1): For further information, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing documentation,
C:\temp\share\timerInterrupt\common\main.c(1,1): available at "".


I have a licence.dat but there is this future Win32_Plugins_Link_PPC_128K not Win32_Plugins_Link_PCC i don't know what to do because with older version 2.5 this is working good with the same license.dat. My program is defenitely not larger than 128k becouse i have only 3 lines in it. I tried downloading evaluation version and replace license.dat and it works but i need this compiler to be permanent.I tried to change name in license.dat from Win32_Plugins_Link_PPC_128K tp Win32_Plugins_Link_PPC but i get message: The license key and data for the feature do not match.

Please help me setup this compiler that will work on free license.

Greetings Matic K.