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Cortex M4 on CW10 in Win7: How to build code with stricmp() support?

Question asked by Tim Li on Apr 3, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by Tim Li

Hi! I am new in CW. I searched the forum but not get the answer.


I created a new basic application project with mfs and rtcs support. Then I just added the following lines:

if(stricmp("abc", "Def") == 0) {


} else {

  printf("not match\n");



the problem is:


if I do not #include <extras/extras_string.h>, then it complains about stricmp not defined.


If I do include the extras, then it will complain about: _io_strcasecmp... redeclared as ..., and: was originally defined as ... etc.


How to solve this problem?


Thank you for your help!


best regards,