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TCP/IP Dual-Stack (IPv4/IPv6) for M522xx

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Apr 2, 2012
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Hi All

The latest uTasker release for the M522xx contains advanced IPv6 support for TCP based services (web server, TELNET, FTP etc.). Details and download of the release V1.4.11 for Coldfire V2 are at

The IPv6 user's guide is at explaining the operation and detailing methods of utilising IPv6 services on Coldfire V2 devices (the dual-stack operation adds only about 6k additional Flash footprint on the Coldfire) in a local network or in the Internet. The dual-stack supports 6in4 tunnelling to allow multiple IPv6 globally addressed devices to be located behind 'old' IPv4 gateways - theoretically this allows up to 2^64 IPv6 capable devices to be positionen behind a single IPv4 addressed gateway !! (eg. huge amounts of IPv6 global web servers on port 80, each globally addressable from the IPv6 Internet, even when providers can't offer IPv6 services directly). This opens up many new potentials (even before IPv4 addresses finally run out

The same support will be released for the Kinetis project too during the next days.



P.S. A new IPv6 discussion board has been started for interested developers: