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Interface microcontroller with bluetooth device(SPP)

Discussion created by Matteo Mencarelli on Mar 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by RogerSchaefer

Hi guys,
I need some information about university project.

I'm making a project with microcontroller(HCS08 freescale) and i want to interface it with bluetooth device(PAN1321) that support serial port profile .

I know that must send AT commands to able SPP and so i've RS232 serial cable emulation, but i don't understand very well this; so i've two question:

1)Do i need to implement the code of a RS232 receiver in my micro for recive data, or simply,after connect the devices, i read the data on my UART?
2)The data packets received, are in rs232 format?

Thank a lot in advance

I still do not have the devices, will arrive next week, but I want to give me an idea