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fdmlib with CWv5.7

Discussion created by Bhavya C on Mar 29, 2012
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I am working with CodeWarrior v5.7.0, Build 2264 for Coldfire processor MCF512x.


My problem is that, I am not able to use the "fdlibm.h" file in any project with this version of codewarrior.


I get errors like,

Error  : ';' expected

fdlibm.h line 43 extern _INT32 signgam; /*- cc 020130 -*/

Error  : ';' expected

fdlibm.h line 94 extern _INT32 matherr __P((struct exception *)); /*- cc 020130 -*/

and etc etc.. about 17 similar errors.


What I have come to understand is that the compiler is unable to identify the definition "_INT32".
This has been defined in "msl_t.h" as typedef _MSL_INT32_TYPE _INT32; .
And _MSL_INT32_TYPE has been defined as #define _MSL_INT32_TYPE int in "ansi_prefix.E68k.h".
Since all definitions are correctly present, why do these errors then occur?
Maybe I have missed out on some key points for using the MSL.
Please help.