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CW 6.3 Special Edition - 32K C code limit, s08 Target

Question asked by Peter Magoun on Mar 27, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by Peter Magoun

I am an electronics hobbyist.  In past projects, I have always programmed in assembly using a stand-alone absolute assembler.  Since my next project will utilize a bit of floating point math, I plan to utilize some C floating point routines in addition to a number of assembly routines and wish to develop all code in CW Special Edition.  However, I am a bit confused (and concerned) about the 32K C code limit in CW Special Edition.  In the course of experimentation, I find that the floating point libraries alone contain close to 32K of C code.  Will this code count towards the 32K limit?  If yes, it sounds like I cannot use Special Edition for this project.  I would hate to spend lots of time front ending my familiarity with CW only to find that the time was ultimately wasted due to C limits. Can anyone clarify for me what goes into the C code size limits of CW Special Edition?  i.e. which files are actually counted towards this limit?  Thanks.