Jim Mood

CompactFlash slot on 5484LITE

Discussion created by Jim Mood on Mar 27, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2012 by Petteri Matilainen


I'm running Linux on my 5484LITE evaluation board per the document "BSP Targeting the Freescale ColdFire M547x/M548x." using LITB.  I got that much working, but the system must boot of an nfs drive to get it's file system, I'd like to get it off the CompactFlash slot instead.


In the driver documentation from the m547x_8x_evb_20080811-final-ltib.iso package, I see several peripheral drivers for the ColdFire, but there isn't one for the CompactFlash.  


Does the CompactFlash show up as any of the standard suspects like /dev/hda?

Is there any facility for interrogating CF devices (I'm used to pccardctl)?