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Bit-Fields not working - CW10.2 - K10

Discussion created by Joe Kissell on Mar 26, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2012 by kef

I have the following union in my code. The intent was that the incoming data packet could be stuffed into and then each piece of the packet could be individually extracted using something like this WEB_MSG__config_unit.param.UNIT_INFO__FIRMWARE_VERSION.



union    {    struct { u8  MESSAGE_CODE : 8; u8  MESSAGE_LENGTH : 8; u8  PACKET_NUMBER : 8; u16 UNIT_INFO__FIRMWARE_VERSION : 16; u32 UNIT_INFO__TIMESTAMP : 32; ... u8  CHECKSUM : 8; } param;    u8 data[64];     } WEB_MSG__config_unit; 


If I fill the with values 1 through 10, like this...




WEB_MSG__config_unit.param shows up like this...




I would expect UNIT_INFO__FIRMWARE_VERSION to be 0x403, but it appears that the 4th byte (value 0x03) is skipped so that the 16-bit UNIT_INFO__FIRMWARE_VERSION value can start at a new byte boundary.


How can I fix this to work the way I want?