Ashwin Mudigonda

MC9S12DP256B problem on a M68EVB912DP256 board

Discussion created by Ashwin Mudigonda on Feb 13, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2006 by Alban Rampon
I am using a MC9S12DP256B chip (1K79X;HZDH0203) on a M68EVB912DP256 evaluation board. I have a BDM-Multilink cable. I have the following problem:
According to the ICD-12 manual, I am not able to see the same list of stationeries(when the HC12 stationery is chosen in the new project). This is what I am seeing:
Board Support:
HCS12 T-board
I tried the EVB912DP256, MC9S_all, _DP256_K79X,912Sbadge, HC12 T-board. Each time, I tried to make and debug the project, I get the same error that the board could not be found. It is unable to connect to the board. What should I do?