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DMA maximum transfer count using nested transfers

Question asked by Matthew Dorrance on Mar 23, 2012
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I am using the PK60N512VMD100 tower with processor expert.


I have created a module that uses the DMA to transfer n 16-bit ADC samples to memory. I have set value in data size of the DMATransfer_LDD (which seems to be for the minor loop register) to 2 and transfer count of transfer control to be n. When I choose a value greater than 256, the memory buffers are not filled by the DMA beyond the 256th entry in memory.


It seems that the CITER register related to the major loop register is only 8-bits wide. However, documentation states that it can be as many as 14-bits wide if channel linking is not used on the DMA. Is there an explanation for this? Or am I misreading the K60 manual.



Matty D