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where to start with In Application programming

Discussion created by Xarion Comoretto on Mar 21, 2012
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Hey guys


I've recenlty had to move to a S08QE device beacuse the 8051 core I am using is becomming obsoleted. I would like update firmware over the air, I have 64KB of eeprom that i can use to temporarily store my new code.


How would you recommend I reflash my device? Store and run my reflashing proceedure in RAM then read the S19 (stored in the eeprom) and write it to flash?


I have seen quite a few references to the doonstack procedure but I am a bit lost as I am not really familiar with it or the freescale  ASM code.


How does the doonstack work? How can I use it to reflash my device? Would I have to code my reflash procedure have to check at the checksum etc in the S19 before writing or does the doonstack include this perhaps?


Thanks :smileyhappy: