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FlexCAN questions

Question asked by Daniel Lundin on Mar 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2012 by Jon Zeeff



I'm starting up a new project with MPC56 and find myself lacking various resources. If anyone could help with any of the following, it would be much appreciated:


- Are there any app notes or similar describing how to port code from MSCAN to FlexCAN? Or at least some sort of detailed feature comparison between the two?


- Are there any source code and drivers for FlexCAN available?


- Any examples of how to combine FlexCAN with DMA?


- Any other app notes or resources related to FlexCAN?


I have this driver I made for MSCAN which enables pretty much evey single feature of that particular hardware peripheral. It is 100% tested and verified production quality code. Sure, I can write a similar one for FlexCAN, but I would rather prefer not to re-invent the wheel.