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Looking for MC68020 app. note AN944

Discussion created by Charles MacDonald on Mar 15, 2012
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I'm trying to locate a very old Motorola application note on the MC68020:


AN944: "MC68020 and MC68881 Platform Board for Evaluation in a 16-Bit System"


One person who had a hard copy of the application note said no "ANxxx" number is printed on it, and the title page reads:


"MC68020 and MC68881 Platform Board for Evaluation in a 16-Bit System   
Revision 2
Advanced Microcomputer Applications Engineering
Microprocessor Products Group
Motorola Inc.
Austin, TX"

It runs about 20 pages. I saw an online copy years ago, appended to the MC68020 User's Manual. The current Freescale-branded manuals do not include it. Motorola also published it in this industry newsletter which I can't locate either:


"Mini and Micro Newsletter, No.8, CERN, July 1985"


Given how old this application note is, it is not available online at Freescale's website.  Does anyone have advice as to how I could obtain a copy?