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CW 5.9.0 Project file sharing conflict

Discussion created by Mark Austin on Mar 13, 2012
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I have a project that is shared with 3 developers. 


All 3 developers have the identical versions of Codewarrior and service packs installed. 


Developer "1" has Windows 7; Developer "2" and "3" have XP. 


Developer "1" and "3" open/save the project (project.mcp) in binary format.  Developer "2" can open either format of project file (project.mcp) but only saves the project file (project.mcp) in XML.  Developer "1" and "3" cannot open the XML file (project.mcp) directly, but must rename it and then import it.


What must Dev "2" do to save the project file the same format as the others (or vice-versa)?