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MQX_init_struct Values From A Linker Control File - TWR-MPC-5125

Question asked by Tim Hutchinson on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2012 by Tim Hutchinson

Hi All,


    I have a question about creating a custom *.lcf file for my application (MQX 3.8, CW 9.2, TWR-MPC-5125). The default Linker Command File for the TWR-MPC-5125 only allocates about half of the DDR RAM available with this hardware and I've created a custom *.lcf for my project to make use of all 256 MB on the board.


    My question is this: It looks like several of the values in the default MQX_INITIALIZATION_STRUCT (used to start MQX) are set by values originally defined in a Linker Command File. For example, BSP_DEFAULT_START_OF_KERNEL_MEMORY is set to the value of __KERNEL_DATA_START in the twrmpc5125.h file located in the ...\mqx\source\bsp\twrmpc5125\ folder. If I change the value of __KERNEL_DATA_START in a custom *.lcf for my project do I also need to change the *lcf file used when MQX was compiled and then recompile MQX? If the answer is yes, are the *.lsf files that I need to change the ones located in the ...mqx\source\bsp\twrmpc5125\cw folder? Thanks!