Dan Vona

Code Warrior for Coldfire V2 Floating Point Linker Errors

Discussion created by Dan Vona on Feb 7, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2006 by CompilerGuru
I am working with the MCF5213EVB and trying to use floating point (libraries, obviously because there is no FP unit in a V2).
When I try to do so, I get the following linker errors that I don't understand.
Undefined: "_d_flt"
Undefined: "_f_fgt"
Undefined: "_f_ftod"
The _f_fgt seems to indicate that I can't do a floating point greater than compare.  The other's I am not sure about.
Any thoughts or clues as to what is going on?  My understanding was that if you try to do floating point operations in a V2 Coldfire, code warrior would link in the floating point libraries, but if I can't do compares (greater than, leass than etc), I'm not sure if they are complete.