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USBDM with serial interface

Question asked by Mark Kastner on Mar 9, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2012 by pgo

We would like to add the USBDM circuit to our existing S9S12P based design to allow in-circuit code updates for the S9S12 via a USB port.  The S9S12P processor currently communicates with the outside world via an RS232 serial interface.  We are also interested in changing from this existing RS232 serial interface to a USB interface for communciations to the outside world.  Can the USBDM circuit with the serial interface handle both of these functions (S9S12P programmer and USB to serial bridge)?  If so, is firmware available for the MC9S08JS16 chip to allow it to handle both of these functions?  How would the 08 chip be instructed to change between these functions?  Do you have any recomendations for PC software to communicate with the 08 chip when it is acting as a USB to serial bridge?