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Delay when using the DebugIO driver for console output

Question asked by ben Kinsella on Mar 9, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2012 by ben Kinsella

As described in FSL_MQX_getting_started.pdf, I can route printf output to the Eclipse console by editing user_config.h. This works, but is so slow as to be unusable. The console only seems to update every 10 seconds or so, and some data is lost.

Is this a known bug? (Yes, I have ticked the box for "Show Console when Standard Out Changes").


There are some hints that optimisation is possible:

FSL_MQX_getting_started.pdf states “See the MQX I/O User Guide for more information on the DebugIO driver setting (ITM vs. semihost mode, buffer setting…).

MQXIOUG.pdf even says in the change log “Debug IO Driver chapter added.”

But there is no such chapter!


I'm using CW 10.2, MQX 3.8. P&E OSJTAG and Segger J-Link show the same problem.