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How to place vectortable somewhere other than at the beginning of the code segment

Question asked by Michael Walker on Mar 9, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2012 by Michael Walker

I need to port some older 68K programs to Coldfire.  The original programs were developed with a different toolset so this migration is complicated by tool differences as well as target differences.


 Our custom boards use a boot loader that expects the program to start from address 0x4004.  My problem is that the linker always places vector table "_vect" at the start of the code segment.  I redefined the code segment in the linker file to start earlier so that the _startup routine would begin at 0x4004.  Unfortunately this approach causes the vectortable to overwrite an area used by the boot loader.  Also, location 0x4000 is used to store a checksum value that is verified by the boot loader so moving the code segment such that vector 1 resides at  0x4004 doesn't work either.  Changing the boot loader is not an option my management will consider.  Is there a way to tell the linker to place the vector table "_vect" array in another area other than the start of the code segment?  I experimented with the "#pragma define_section vectortable ".vectortable" far absolute R" directive with no success.