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Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Feb 7, 2006
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Hi All
Just wondering whether any one knows whether it is possible to destroy HCS devices by incorrectly deleting Flash?
I have just built a board with the NE64 and I connected it to the debugger. I wanted to download a boot program but wasn't concentrating much - I had seen that the FLASH was not completely blank (I assume it can have a bit of garbage in it when a chip is fresh from the bag). As I said, without thinking I sent a couple of commands to delete the FLASH.
To be exact:
- a write to a FLASH location (any location to prime delete)
- CMD_FLASH_ERASE to FCMD     (prepare erase command)
- CBEIF to FSTAT              (start erase command)
I forgot to set up the Flash clock divide to produce a clock of between 150k and 200k...
Afterwards nothing worked and the board, which was originally consuming a few milli-amperes was taking about 400mA and the NE64 was getting rather hot.
Not concentrating entirely, I don't know exactly whether it all happened when I sent the above command sequence or not but it seems quite likely.
Anyone also managed to produce such destruction? In any case it looks as though I'll have to solder a new one in tomorrow but I don't want to see whether I can repeat what happend.
So any one with similar experience?
Mark Butcher