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System does NOT work without without the BDM Multilink plugged in

Discussion created by kent ji on Feb 7, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2006 by kent ji
I am using a Adapt9S12E128 evaluation board in a testing project. My code (C language ) is working right when P&E MULTILINK connected with a PC. However, system will be reseted at once when unpluging P&E MULTILINK. I have asked Freescale technical supportor.
Freescale technical supportor responded like this:
In Debug mode mode the STACK Pointer is set and the COP are disable. In Single mode the COP system is enable and the STACK pointer is not set for you. The user has to make sure that these things are taken care of. Sometimes, the device comes out with untended functionalities but there are work arounds. These discrepancies are described in the device errata document and is tracked by mask set numbers, which is printed on the device. Other than bugs introduced by modifying sample bootloaders the device should be working correctly.
So I disabled two related code line on CPU.C
 // CLKSEL=0;
 // CLKSEL_PLLSEL = 0;                   /* Select clock source from XTAL */
However thing still same, anything I am not reached? Please help.