what is the boot sequence on 52259?

Discussion created by Leong on Mar 9, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by ILIAS ALEXOPOULOS

Hi, I'm trying to write a custom bootloader for a 52259 custom board. I'm a bit confused about the example code provided as usb bootloader. It came down to the basic question: what is the boot sequence (first instruction) of the processor after reset? If it boots from flash, what is the first instruction it loads? The example zip file has a subfolder called "bootloader with application", in its lcf, it defines the lower 0x418 bytes in the flash as vectorrom. in the other "standalone application" folder it defines the same vectorrom as well. But the two projects have different entry definitions in their own 5225x_vectors.s. If the bootloader receives the "standalone" file and burn it to flash, isn't it going to override the vectorrom? 


and my confusion over this "bootloader with application" concept. If I just need a bootloader, i don't want it to be a library or part of the application. is that case not shown by the bootloader example?