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Bootloader problem Using CW 10.2 with MQX 3.8 on a Kinetis K60 !

Discussion created by Sascha Ehlers on Mar 8, 2012
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Hello all,

i tried to use the FNET bootloader with MQX .. followed the user guides to modify the linker files and so on..

but when FNET flashes the MQX application and tries to start it, K60 restarts every time ..


then i wrote a little bootloader myself which updates an *.s19 from an sdcard ..

tries to start the MQX application .. restarts every time ..


then i debugged with LEDs in the MQX .. the application itself starts .. entry point is ok ..

the last debug i see on my leds i before this line:


_sched_start_internal();   /* WILL NEVER RETURN FROM HERE */


and main_task is not started ..


and after _sched_start_internal() is only assembler andits really difficult to debug ..


some here use an bootloader with an MQX main application .. ??!


thanks so far!