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CodeWarrior and Flash on mpc5200

Discussion created by Oded Gabbay on Feb 5, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2006 by Marc Paquette
I'm using CodeWarrior MobileGT 8.1 with PowerTap Pro for developing a BSP on lite5200 board.
I burned a boot program to the flash using the flash programmer. I know it is working because if I reset the target it run without problems and loads my OS image.
However, I now want to add some code to the most preliminary code which runs and debug it, of course. This code runs from the flash and only after some time, runs from the RAM.
However, when I try to do "step-over" over each assembler command while running in the flash, the codewarrior "goes crazy". It starts to go backwards, show wrong disassembly and simply hangs-up.
Does anyone have a solution for this ?
BTW, I wanted to mention that I used the same technique while doing a BSP for PQII and PQIII, with CW 8.5, and I had no problems at all while running from the flash.
Oded Gabbay