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K60 upper flash block not working?

Question asked by Brent Wiescamp on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by EARL GOODRICH

K60N512 0m33Z versus K60N512 1N30D.


I have working code developed on the 0m33Z that no longer works on the 1N30D. The upper block of flash (0x40000 - 0x7FFFF) appears to be totally inaccessible, almost as if the device was a 256K instead of a 512K.


I have tried several things with IAR EW (6.3) – erasing the entire block, filling a sector, and loading a debug workspace located at 0x40000. The erase acted like it worked but after checking, it did not. Filling a sector caused errors, as did the debug app.


If I was dealing with rev 2 silicon I would have a few ideas to try.


Thanks in Advance for any ideas, help, etc.