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CodeWarrior 10.x & MQX Documentation?

Question asked by Ben Griffiths on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2012 by Ben Griffiths

I normally use IAR Embedded Workbench, but I want to experiment with using Code Warrior. I'm not overly familiar with the Eclipse IDE/Interface but I can do some basic development with it.


Is there any documentation available which covers using MQX 3.x with CodeWarrior 10.x?


I can find documentation for  MQX 3.8 and CW 10.x, but no documentation that covers both together. The MQX documentation that refers to CodeWarrior refers to the "classic" version (i.e. 6.x/7.x) (e.g. AN3905) which is obviously significantly different from the Eclipse interface used in 10.x,