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Question asked by Karthik Suryadevara on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2012 by Mark Butcher

Can someone please help me in configuring the RTC timer on K60 to be able to generate an interrupt after 1 sec.The following is the code snippet that i used to configure the RTC.However,on calling "enable_irq(66)" instruction,the control is switched to ISR routine immediately without even executing further instructions that are supposed to get executed.Even on using this instruction "enable_irq(66)" at the end of the function at the end of the function "void rsi_mcu_rtc_init(uint32 time_in_seconds)",the control switches to ISR immediately. which i measure it to about 500ms.


Here i am measuring time on an oscilloscope by toggling a GPIO pin using "enable_test_gpio()" and "disable_test_gpio()" which wont show an expected time of 1sec.


So,what i expect is that only after enabling the counter should the timer start ticking and after 1 sec only the control should switch to the ISR routine.


Appreciate your help in helping me solve this issue.




uint8 rsi_rtc_interrupt_flag = 0;

void rsi_mcu_rtc_init(uint32 time_in_seconds)
    int i;
    /*enable the clock to SRTC module register space*/
    /*Only VBAT_POR has an effect on the SRTC, RESET to the part does not, so you must manually reset the SRTC to make sure everything is in a known state*/
    /*clear the software reset bit*/
    RTC_CR  &= ~RTC_CR_SWR_MASK;  

     /*Enable the interrupt*/

    /*Enable the oscillator*/
    /*Wait to all the 32 kHz to stabilize, refer to the crystal startup time in the crystal datasheet*/
    /*Set time compensation parameters*/
    //RTC_TCR = RTC_TCR_CIR(0) | RTC_TCR_TCR(0);
    /*Configure the timer seconds and alarm registers*/
    RTC_TSR = time_in_seconds;
    //RTC_TPR = 0x8008;
    RTC_TAR = 0x00;
    enable_test_gpio();  // Drive the  GPIO pin  HIGH (to measure time)

    /*Enable the counter*/
    while(rsi_rtc_interrupt_flag == 0);


    disable_test_gpio();  // Drive the GPIO pin LOW (to measure time)


void rsi_rtctimer_ISR(void)
    rsi_rtc_interrupt_flag = 1;