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MQX 3.7 MFS Issue on MPC-5125?

Question asked by Tim Hutchinson on Mar 6, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2012 by Tim Hutchinson

Hi All,


I'm having a terrible time troubleshooting a problem using MFS on a MPC-5125 / MQX 3.7 project and wonder if anybody might offer any suggestions.


I have a MQX 3.7 project using mfs to mount a drive on the SD card of a TWR-MPC-5125 module. This project works great when compiled to the "Ext Ram Debug" target but won't run at all when programmed into nand flash using the "Ext Nand Download Release" target. If I remove the single call to the _io_mfs_install() function the project works properly (except without SD drive access of course :smileyhappy: compiled for all targets (including the "Ext Nand Download Release" target).


The SD card part of my project is based on the example code provided by MQX 3.7 (with some tweaks to setup GPIO pins to sense card insertion and WR protect signals) and works properly as long as it's run under the debugger.


I've checked for stack overflows in all tasks using _klog_show_stack_usage()  with all stack usage values well below the stack size. Also tried just spec'ing a real large stack for the SD card task with no luck.


Code size in the .code output section (as shown by the *.MAP file) is only 460,340 bytes out of a possible 4,124,416 bytes. Code size with the problem function commented out is 416,276 bytes (44,064 bytes less).


Ram usage in the .bss output section is 11,641,008 bytes (with function) verses 11,641,004 (without) from a possibe 16,777,216 bytes.


Has anybody had a similar problem? Any suggestions for troubleshooting? Thanks in advance!


Best Regards,