S12XA Serial Bootloader

Discussion created by sebasira on Mar 6, 2012
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Now that I'm done porting the app from S12 to S12XA, I'd like to add the bootloader capability to it. I've got a working one for the S12, wich is mainly derived from AN3275...


I can not use this same bootloader straight, because it changes the RAM and EEPROM allocation. Besides, flash erase sector is smaller in S12 than in S12X.


If I modify the code in order to:

- Leave RAM and EEPROM where S12X expect them to be

- Modify flash sector erase size


Would I need to change something else to get it to work?


Also, I read AN4258, but it doesn't cover S12XA, it's for S12XS, S12XE & S12XF



Thanks in advance!!