Selecting a S12K for a monitoring project

Discussion created by GMVS on Mar 6, 2012
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I'm making a research for a project starting next month and i'm looking for some opinions before making decisions, since we've never used freescales before


my particular assigment involves

16ch ATD





external memory

real time clock

characters LCD

buttons, maybe 4

some LEDs and miscelaneous ON/OFF

5V supply

low voltage detect


COP watchdog

clock monitor

80 pins are ok, 144 is a bit of an overkill but i wont complain. 


if i get PWM, input capture / output compare / counter / event counter, freaking great.


this is how i ran into the S12K, has

16 ATD

2 SCI to place my 232 and modbus


3 SPI, 1 to hang a micro SD card socket and the real time clock, 1 to communicate with other devices, 1 bonus

- dont know yet what to do with the LCD - 

bonus PWM, timer module  and IIC

and meets all other requirements




so, how much of a bad idea is this arrengement? advices, ayone? does anyone knows of a more suitable micro to do the magic? i've seen micros with LCD drivers and/or external memory drivers, but i'm reaaaaally interested on the character LCD and the micro SD card. What can i do with the LCD?


someone suggested the K60 but, adding such "complex" graphics antics to our proyect will just rise the price out of competition worthlessly: people shouldn't be around our product under normal circumnstances anyways, just for emergency or maintenance.


USB and Ethernet were considered, but they are more of a fun plus than an actual need


well, i'm open for suggestions. thanks in advance.