Jakob Zimmerer

Creating .elf file license dependent?

Discussion created by Jakob Zimmerer on Mar 5, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2012 by Tom Thompson

Hi guys,


I've got a problem with creating .elf files.


Couple of days ago I couldn't get a  repaired license so I contacted support.


First they gave me a 30 day license. With this license I was able to generate .elf files.

After they fixed the problem with my account I downloaded the repaired license.

Now I can't generate .elf files anymore.

I don't get any errormessage. I tried it with an old license for 128k. This time it said that my code is to big.


I'm using CodeWarrior IDE version 5.7.0

Build 2264

On a Coldfire-MCF5213


Can anybody tell me where I can look up this error or how to fix ist?


Thanks in advance!