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Port to different processor

Question asked by Laurence Babcock on Mar 4, 2012

In the not too distant future I want to be able to create projects using the Kinetis line of processors.  This means that I will need to build a new BDM as the first one I built lacks the requisite connector.  I wondered if, while I'm at it, I would port the BDM processor to, say, the MCF51JM60(pin compatible) and replace the USB stack with one of the freebie stacks from Freescale.  I wondered, however, if that is really a good choice since the SPI on the V1 processors supports only 8 bit transfers and it seems 9 bit would be better.  BUT, all the V2 processors seem to have only 1 SPI and the BDM appears to need 2.  Is there a Coldfire processor that has 2 SPI with variable data format that I didn't see?  Is the whole concept really worth the trouble?  Thanks for the feedback.