ColdFire Linker, Application Build Error

Discussion created by Miner on Mar 3, 2012
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I am in the process of converting a product from CodeWarrior 7.2 to CodeWarrior 10.2.  It runs on MQX 3.7 and has several sub projects that support the main App project.  I imported all of the subprojects and I have fixed them so that they successfully build now. 


The main app is fighting me with one last issue.   When I try to build it as an "Application (default)", I get this for my  errors:

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Console output start

C:\Freescale\CW_MCU_v10.2\gnu\bin\mingw32-make -j8 all
'Building target: App_ram_release.elf'
'Executing target #4 App_ram_release.elf'
'Invoking: ColdFire Linker'
"C:/Freescale/CW_MCU_v10.2/MCU/ColdFire_Tools/Command_Line_Tools/mwldmcf" @@"App_ram_release.args" -o "App_ram_release.elf"   
>Undefined : "__startup"

Errors caused tool to abort.
mingw32-make: *** [App_ram_release.elf] Error 1

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Console output end


Here are my coldfire linker options for an "Application":

-sym full -msgstyle parseable -proc 54450 -lavender model=ewl ,print=int ,scan=int ,io=raw -nostdlib "C:\Project_10_2\Hardware_App\HardwareApp\lcf\extram_custom.lcf" -m ___startup -L"C:\Freescale\CW_MCU_v10.2\eclipse\../MCU\ColdFire_Support\ewl\lib" -application -map -map keep -srec -sreclength 252 -sreceol dos -w on


The same style error occurs if I change the entry point from   '___startup'  to   ' ___boot'


If I try to build the main app as a "Static Library" it works and reports:
'Finished building target: App_ram_release.elf'


Here are my ColdFire linker options for a "Static Library":

-sym full -msgstyle parseable -proc 54450 -lavender model=ewl ,print=int ,scan=int ,io=raw -nostdlib "C:\Project_10_2\Hardware_App\HardwareApp\lcf\extram_custom.lcf" -m ___startup -L"C:\Freescale\CW_MCU_v10.2\eclipse\../MCU\ColdFire_Support\ewl\lib" -library -map -map keep -srec -sreclength 252 -sreceol dos -w on


Any ideas as to what I am missing?


Thank you,