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Kinetis DMA sources/slot assignments

Question asked by Richard Laplante on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by comsosysarch

For DMA - the DMAMUX  needs to have the peripheral slot (DMAMUX_CHCFGn) in the channel source of this register, Isee from a couple of examples on the forum that these are defined (in some include file), but I cannot find the file that contains these definitions.


Using IAR, K60 devkit (tower). The user guides and reference manuals say that the peripheral slots are defined in the 'device's Chip Configuration details'. Okay, I have the sub family ref manual, and the peripheral module quick ref.


I have the whole MQX developmentn tree and can't find the peripheral slots defined there (maybe I just don't know teh magic words to search for: like peripheral, slot, mux assignment etc.)


This is probably easy for somebody who has already set up a dma.