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Isolation between digital output signals and the external pins

Discussion created by Luis Uribe on Feb 29, 2012
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Is there isolation between:
  - digital output signals, and the
  - external pins?

In the (new)  MC9S08QE128RM.pdf  Reference Manual, page 112:
  - the output signals PTxDn are represented as being DIRECTLY connected to the output pins.


In the (old) MC68HC908GP32.pdf (Data Sheet, 2008, page 119), or similar (original User Manual, for example...):
  - there is a TRI-STATE DRIVER that isolates the signal data from the output pin.

  And there is more: Data stored in the output registers, are read (when requested):

  - NOT from the outside pin, but
  - FROM the register's output (they are isolated !).


The difference is crucial.
  - If there is NO buffering driver, and the output pin is read directly from the outside pin

    (as in Read-Modify-Write instructions, like INC),

  EXTERNAL conditions WILL affect those operations.


Could anybody state, for sure, that the NEW MC9S08QE128 has isolation

- between Output Data (output registers)
- the Output PINs,


 as was the case on the OLD MC68HC908GP32?


I SUPPOUSE that, yes, THERE IS Isolation on the new devices too but, like the new documentation has dropped ALL references (pictorial and textual) to it, I  must  to  KNOW  for  SURE.


Thanks a lot.


Luis G. Uribe C.