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Synchronizing DSP5672x ESAIs as well as Rx and Tx

Question asked by Mike Bunke on Feb 29, 2012
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I am using DSP56725 and I want to use the 4 ESAI as following:

ESAI_0: Tx

ESAI_1: Rx

ESAI_2: Tx

ESAI_3: Tx

I also want to have only one set of HCKx_y, SCKx_y and FSx_y pin inputs, distributed to all ESAI inside the DSP.


Currently I can connect ESAI_0 and ESAI_1 clocks as well as ESAI_2 and ESAI_3 clocks.

I also found out there is a possibility to connect the ESAI_0 clocks to ESAI_2 as well as ESAI_1 to ESAI_3 using EPSC register (couldn't test it up to now). But it looks like I can only connect receive clocks to another receive clock pins, but I don't see a possibility to connect receive clocks to use it as transmission clocks.