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Codewarrior - MPC8347 - S29AL032D flash driver.

Discussion created by Miklos Marton on Feb 27, 2012
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Hello all,


First of all here is my configuration:


Codewarrior IDE 5.9.0 Build 2489 running on Linux (Ubuntu) installed to /opt/Freescale/CodeWarrior-EPPC-8.8/

Codewarrior USB Tap

MPC8347 based custom board equipped with Spansion S29AL032D-04


I have written the device XML as it was described in the Adding Flash Devices to the
EPPC Flash Programmer Appnote.



After it the device had been shown up in the flash device list, but it listed wrong device geometries.

I have deleted the other device descriptions, so now it shown up with right dimensions.


But when I try to erease the flash I get this error:


========================================================================= Execute: Erase=== Timestamp:  Mon Feb 27 19:22:15 2012=== Flash Device:         S29AL032D-04=== Flash Organization:   2048Kx16x1=== Flash Mem Start Addr: 0xFF800000=== Flash Mem End Addr:   0xFFBFFFFF======================================================================Informing other connection clients that the target is being 'clobbered'.Loading Flash Device Driver at: 0x00000000Flash Programmer: CCSProtocolPlugin : Error writing memory [Connection refused]Timestamp:  Mon Feb 27 19:22:15 2012


I have written the neccessary udev rules to the TAP. It is brand new, so I have no clue what could I do wrong.

My board is working running the current application fine.


I have attached the FPDeviceConfig.xml renamed to  cfg because the forum did not allowed attach xml files.