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input capture interrupts

Discussion created by Martin George on Jan 31, 2006
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As a new, and very green, user of microcontrollers I have a problem I hope someone can help me with. I am trying to implement an automatic voltage regulator for a small generator with 68hc12 (Technological Arts M68DKIT912C32 using codewarrior). At present I am measuring voltage level  using an ATD input and producing a pulse using PWM.
I want to monitor the frequency 50Hz, I have been attempting to use the timer module and input capture using interrupts i.e. caputring the rising edge on two channels. I have been stuggling to get the interrupts to work properly, do I need to specify an interrupt vector. I want to interrupt on an edge and will need to count the number of times the timer overflows. I am programming in C, any ideas would be gratefully received.
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