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MC9S12A64 Power Supply

Discussion created by Callum Flint on Feb 24, 2012
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I'm having trouble making head or tail of the datasheets with regards to supplying power to an S12A64CPVE chip. I've used the 'proposed layout' for a Colpitts oscillator on an 112-LQFP part, but I'm unsure as to levels to be supplied to each supply pair and what's connected internally - either to the on-chip regulator or by metal inside the part. I'm wanting to supply with 5V, use 2 ATD pins, 2 PWM pins and not bother with the PLL or digital logic.


I've included 2 screenshots - hopefully they give enough detail. The board isn't complicated in the slightest - I just don't want to have a PCB made, discover it's wrong and potentially break a uC.


Thanks for any help