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New Universal Starter Kits for Freescale HCS12(X) Family

Discussion created by Kirk Humphries Employee on Jan 31, 2006

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Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2005  8:37 am


SofTec Microsystems unveils two new Starter Kits for the Freescale HCS12(X) family. The ZK-S12-A Starter Kit features a 112-Pin LQFP ZIF socket, while the ZK-S12-B Starter Kit Starter Kit featuers a 80-Pin LQFP ZIF socket. The Starter Kits have been designed to provide universal support for all present and future 112-pin and 80-pin HCS12 (X) devices. The high-quality ZIF sockets allow the device to be easily interchanged--and at the same time provide a reliable socket programming solutions.


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Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2005  3:27 pm


I bet that costs a lot



Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2005  5:34 pm


> I bet that costs alot


No need to bet, the SofTec website shows pricing info.


I wonder why the 112 pin version (ZK-S12-A, 650 USD => 5,8USD/pin) has a higher _per pin_ cost than the 80 pin version (ZK-S12-B, 395USD => 4,9USD/pin) - strange.



Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2005  10:19 pm


I think I will try and get by with the $75 freescale S12X demo board.

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