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HCS12 target communication problem after upgrading from CW HCS12 3.0 to C.W. 3.1

Question asked by swar swar on Jan 31, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2006 by khaled mohamed

I have a strange problem where the true-time-simulater and debugger for an identical Codewarrior HCS12 project is no longer able to successfully communicate with the target MC9S12DP256B via a P&E USB Multilink after upgrading from CW HCS12 3.0 to CW 3.1.

The communication port and speed setting seems to be identical, and they use the same fpp definition and P&E ICD.ini settings file.

The only clue I found is that the command log on CW 3.1 (see below) shows an erroneous address for the flash block 1, "bad device", whereas under CW3.0 this is not the case.

But I have not been able to determine where to correct this ...

Any help would be most welcome!

Command log:

FLASH parameters loaded for MCS912DP256B_V4 from C:\Program Files\Metrowerks\CodeWarrior CW12_V3.1\prog\FPP\mcu03C6.fpp

MCU clock speed: 296747000 Hz
Block Module Name Address Range Status
0 FLASH_4000 4000 - 7FFF Enabled/Blank/Unprotected - Unselected
1 FLASH_C000 C0C0 - 1C0BE Bad Device - Unselected