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Power Cycle Dialog

Question asked by John Petersen on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by kef

Processor: MC9S08EL32CTL

Emulator:  PE Microlink USB Interface


I was debugging my device in Code Warrior.  Everything was running fine. I was stepping through an analog conversion -- I had done several channels already when a probe slipped and the processor reset. After that the debugging session locked up and I couldn't run or step. I exited the simulator and restarted the debug session, but every time I would get the Power Cycle Dialog that tells me to recycle power to the MCU and then hit okay. I did this several times, and reinserted cables etc. but it always came up with the Power Cycle dialog. over and over. I tried a new board and it does the same thing. The processor seems fine since it runs fine on a power up not in debug mode. I'm thinking something is wrong with the emulator. How can I tell?  Both blue and amber LEDs are on. The BGND line is at 0.28V when the dialog comes up, then it goes to 2.78 when I hit okay. I have 4.98V on the 5V line.

  Thanks for any help.