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Bytes of Code limiations in compiling in C using Codewarrior

Discussion created by Joseph Lough on Feb 23, 2012
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I am working with a team of 3 people.  We are seniors at Devry university and decided to use the Dragon Board with the codewarrior software for a cost effective solution for the microcontroller for our senior project. 


We are getting the error message above when we try to compile   our code in C++.  It gives an   L4025 where it says our bytes of code is limited in C++ to 1024 bytes of   code.  Our file is much larger than this and will grow even further.  While we can compile in C and during the course of our education compiled many large programs in C,   this raised a concern we thought we would head off at the pass. …

We have two questions.


First.  Is there   a limitation on  bytes of code   when compiling in just C as compared to C++?  We are concerned we will hit our   limit.

Second.  Does the   limitation just pertain to the actual main.c code, or the entire file, which   includes the header files, start up code, linker files,   etc….