Port S12 to S12XA

Discussion created by sebasira on Feb 22, 2012
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Hi all!


I'm porting mi application from S12 to S12XA... For now I'm working with single core


I've never worked with X family before, so I'm completely new to it. I've got some questions:


1- Non-paged RAM is not enough to my project so I need to used the paged one. Let's say that in S12 I had:

byte myVar[200]:byte* myPTR;myPTR = myVar;

If now I put myVar inside paged RAM, then byte* will not have the needed space to hold the address of myVar, rigth? And so I should define it as byte* __rptr (using RPAGE), right?


2- What about EEPROM and FLASH erasing/programming? Can I still use the routines from S12 or I need to get new ones? Do you know where to find them?



Thanks in advance!!