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Problems programming PFASH using PE IntFLASH component (9S12XEQ512).

Question asked by Keith Batke on Feb 17, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2012 by Keith Batke

I have a global address segment assigned to P-FLASH block 2 (block 1S).

My code is running in P-FLASH block 0.


When I use the Processor Expert routine SetBlockFlash() to write an 8-byte block of data, the routine completes with no errors but the P-FLASH does not update?

I'm using a 4.9152MHz clock and I've set FCLKDIV to 4. (Using the PLL I have a bus clock of 9.8304 MHz)


I've stepped through the code and I can't see what is wrong...


I've attached the Processor Expert setup.


Thanks for any help!!