Send CAN Frame with an 16-bit MC9S12XF512MLM

Discussion created by Richard DE MIRANDA on Feb 15, 2012
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Hi everyone,


From begining, i'm sorry in advance about my english expression.


I have a little problem in programming an MCU 16-bit MC9S12XF512MLM. I have two developement tool card with the MC9S12XF512MLM that i connect with FLEXRAY and CAN module. The example give by freescale show that the two card are communicating correctly.


But when i try to send an CAN frame frome one NODE and receive the frame in the second NODE, i can't do it.


I'm using the folowing structure for sending a CAN FRAME :



UINT8 u8CAN_SendFrame(UINT32 u32ID, UINT8 u8Prio, UINT8 u8Length, UINT8 *u8TxData){       /* Transmission buffer */    UINT8 u8TxBuffer = {0};        /* Index to data within the transmission buffer */    UINT8 u8Index;        if (!CAN0TFLG)              /* Retrun if Transmit Buffer is full */        return ERR_BUFFER_FULL;    CAN0TBSEL = CAN0TFLG;       /* Select lowest empty buffer */    u8TxBuffer = CAN0TBSEL;        /* Backup selected buffer */            *((UINT32 *) ((UINT32)(&CAN0TXIDR0)))= u32ID;   /* Load Id to IDR Registers */                /* Load data to Data Segment Registers */        for (u8Index=0;u8Index<u8Length;u8Index++) {            *(&CAN0TXDSR0 + u8Index) = u8TxData[u8Index];          }    CAN0TXDLR = u8Length;   /* Set Data Length Code */    CAN0TXTBPR = u8Prio;    /* Set Priority */    CAN0TFLG = u8TxBuffer;  /* Start transmission */                        while ( (CAN0TFLG & u8TxBuffer) != u8TxBuffer)            ;  /* Wait for Transmission completion */                return NO_ERR; }

 And this one for receiving the frame :


void vfnCAN_ReceivedFrame(void){    /* Length of received frame */    UINT8 u8Length;        /* Index for extracting/storing received data */    UINT8 u8Index;        /* Reception array */    UINT8 u8RxData[8];    u8Length = (CAN0RXDLR & 0x0F);  /* Extract received frame data length */      /* Read and store each of the received data */     for (u8Index=0; u8Index<u8Length; u8Index++)           u8RxData[u8Index] = *(&CAN0RXDSR0 + u8Index);     CAN0RFLG_RXF = 1;   /* Clear reception flag */     }



If you have an idea about the problem, i will be greatful.


Thanks in advance,


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