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Setting the ESAI modules on DSP56725 second core

Question asked by Marco Secondini on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2012 by Marco Secondini

Hi all,

I'm finding some problems in the configuration of the ESAI modules of the second core on DSP56725 (80 pin package).

I've set successfully the ESAI module of the first core, where I use a channel to receive data and 5 channel for the outputs. I've set the modules in synchronous mode for receiver and transmitter (SYN bit on SAICR register) and the EICCR register to connect the 2 modules on the clock line.

Now I've tried to repeat the configuration on the second core, but here it seems that the ESAI_2 module can't reach the clock lines of the ESAI_3. I've tried successfully on the first core all the possible configurations and connection for the ESAI, but on the second core I can't repeat any configuration to put in operation the ESAI_2 .

On the first core, I've tried to control the clock line, connected on ESAI, with the ESAI_1 register, and each module works perfectly. On the second core, I can control the clock line only with ESAI_3 register (no success with ESAI_2), and even in this case the ESAI_2 seems to be disconnected from the clock line, even setting the EICCR register.

I've no idea about a possible solution....


Please help me, I'm going crazy!!!