CW v10.2 (Eclipse IDE): Debugging DSC56F8037 using USB TAP

Discussion created by Miskha on Feb 14, 2012
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Hi all, 


I've just installed CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers v10.2 which integrates the development tools for the DSC's.  I've created a simple project just to debug it using USB TAP.

Problem is that I can't connect to board and next error is displayed: 

"Launching MC56F8037_Project_1_MC56F8037_Internal_PFlash_SDM_Freescale USB TAP BDM has encountered a problem ... Failed to resume target process, CCSProtocoPlugin: Could not connect to the probe (or other debug link)"


In debug configuration I select the following:

Application: MC56F8037_Internal_PFlash_SDM/MC56F8037_Prueba_1.elf

Build configuration: MC56F8037_Internal_PFlash_SDM

Connection: MC56F8037_Prueba_1_MC56F8037_Internal_PFlash_SDM_Freescale USB TAP BDM


This last is the only connection USB TAP type I can select. But the USB TAP I'm using is: CodeWarrior USB TAP OnCE probe. Is this the matter? In freescale web page it is said that hosted target interface is CodeWarrior USB TAP, but it is not specified if BDM, OnCE, JTAG connector ...


Thank you