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Debugging using CodeWarrior IDE & Code Warrior USB Tap

Discussion created by Farrukh Arshad on Feb 14, 2012
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Greetings All,


I want to prepare a debugging environment for my target system for debugging Linux kernel as well as Linux applications. I need to purchase CodeWarrior IDE & Code Warrior USB Tap (or Ethernet tap), but first I need to evaluate its working. So far I am unable to communicate with my target machine via debugger. I have installed USB Tap drivers and ccs is able to see the USB Tap but I am unable to debug any linux application as well as kernel. I believe I am missing some applications / debugger components / kernel patches on my target machine. If someone can tell me what software tools / kernel patches and configuration I will need on my target machine or point me to some document it will be really helpful. 


Following is my setup.


Embedded Platform.

Freescale P1022DS / P1022RDK

Linux Kernel 2.6.32


Host Setup

CodeWarrior IDE 10.1.1

Ubuntu 10.04


ccs does gives me the serial number of the USB tap so it is configured at the host end I believe. Some documents in the installation of CW states AppTRK or HyperTRK (for kernel), from where I can get these packages. My kernel configuration does not show any such HyperTRK so I believe I am missing some patch. From where I can get this patch.


Any help is appreciated.



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